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I think people (usually men) get freaked out when they hear the word “dating” and automatically think “dating” means you are in a monogamous relationship. Yes…if you only go on one date it is not considered dating.

he is shot in the head at his girlfriend's wedding and must wait for his death. See full summary » All's fair in love and war - and in competition between rival Chinese food restaurants.

Hook-up “I like to keep things casual.” = Hook-up (red flag) He only texts you and never picks up the phone to call you.

= Hook-up (red flag) Makes plans to see you again, while you are on the date. = Dating Moves your hair out of your face and does the little stare.

A date consists of two people making plans to go out to a public place over dinner or drinks with the intent to get to know one another better (not just to get laid). Hook-up Text another Hook-up = Hooking-up You meet a guy at a bar, flirting happens, you share a kiss, you go back to his house and you hook up.

Now whether or not you have sex is your business…either way it’s still a hook up.


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