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Women that just want yo fuck free no credit cards

I would pick a man that lets his actions speak for him than a man that is all talk.

If you are dating a man that is all talk, give him away for free.

If a man ever tells you he loves you quickly, please be very skeptical.

He isn’t in love with you, he probably just wants a smash and would do and say anything to have you drop the panties quicker than a blink of an eye.

When a man loves you, he will check in at different hours of the day to make sure you are okay or call to hear your voice because you were on his mind. Always on his i Phone when you are supposed to be bonding instead of dropping it and listening to you?

I was his listening ear and the shoulders he leaned on for support. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t only break my heart, he wasted my time. Months would go and dating started to seem difficult. Anytime I developed any kind of friendship with a guy, it made me feel sad because I knew it wasn’t going to progress into anything. My trust issues was real and I wasn’t about to invest too much in the friendship. I honestly thought he was fun to hangout with and I kept seeing him.

How can he truly love you yet go days without communicating with you? Yes, I understand that sometimes we might want our space but that doesn’t mean non-communication.

If a man takes days to communicate with you, be it sending/replying messages or giving you a call back, then that’s a red flag and I suggest you approach with caution.

He knows that when his woman is unhappy, it makes him unhappy too.

He will work with you like a team member for a class presentation and try to find a solution or a way out.


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