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Next, he was also involved in a relationship with American Musician Estelle Bennett. Furthermore, he was also involved in a relationship with American Conductor Mitch Miller.

Kathy Westmoreland had had a relationship with Elvis, and when she refused to pick up where they had left off during a concert tour earlier that year and started dating a member of the band, he began to introduce her at performances using “a string of veiled and not-so-veiled sexual references.” He once again began riding Westmoreland during the tour, telling audiences, among other things, that she would “take affection from anybody, anyplace, anytime.“I thought it was funny,” was the only explanation Elvis offered for his strange and insulting behavior the night before.Presley’s behavior became increasingly bizarre, and on the final night of the tour he took requests, threw his guitar into the crowd, and gave away a ,500 ring to an audience member.In fact, she gets it from the whole band.” Her protestations only seemed to increase Presley’s determination to embarrass her.Matters came to a head during an evening performance in Norfolk.Then the band ended with a bang: the all-killer no-filler hat trick of "Don't Speak", "Just A Girl" (driving the mostly female crowd bonkers) and an encore of "Spiderwebs." One of the best sets of Jazz Fest 2015. p.m.The Deslondes is one of handful of serious young roots revivalists in New Orleans: ones that are harmonizing in moans like string bands, with singular singer-songwriter voices and reverent to the folk/country/bluegrass tradition, going back nearly a century.His ongoing misuse of an astonishing variety and volume of prescription drugs turned his concert appearances into parodies staged by a sloppy, bloated performer who slurred lyrics rather than singing them, changed his character, caused him to act in an increasingly incomprehensible and erratic manner, and destroyed his health (ultimately killing him).Presley’s behavior during a July 1975 performance in Norfolk, Virginia, was one of the low points in his long decline from superb entertainer to drug-sodden corpse.That The Deslondes were signed to venerable alt-country label New West seems almost like a reaction to the poppy roots revival formula of Mumford & Sons and all the "Hey Ho".Heck, Mumford and Sons doesn't even wanna do Mumford and Sons anymore.


  1. Mar 28, 2016. He was just a much better singer than could ever be captured, some great. Sylvia Shemwell, Cissy Houston, Myrna Smith and Estelle Brown.

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