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Nonetheless, there have been political efforts to strip Columbus of honor, and the question of whether to continue to recognize Columbus Day is under review in many places.Some states and municipalities have removed the explorer’s name from the holiday or eliminated the observance entirely.It was a massive success upon its release bringing in 0 million at the box office and spawning several sequels.The research of 1,000 UK adults was commissioned by Virgin Media.Beginning in the 1840s, waves of European immigrants swelled the ranks of Catholics in the United States, and along with that came an increasingly anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant backlash from the Protestant majority.Catholics were subject to discrimination, slander, ridicule, anti-Catholic propaganda and sometimes mob violence.Three in 10 would adorn a cape – a wardrobe staple for many a superhero – and 44 per cent would keep their identity hidden by wearing a mask.

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Father Mc Givney believed the explorer represented both Catholicism and patriotism at the very root of America’s heritage, thereby symbolizing that faithful Catholics also can be solid American citizens.

In a K of C-Marist poll from December 2016, 62 percent of Americans expressed a favorable opinion of the explorer and 55 percent said they were in favor of Columbus Day, the holiday named for him.

By contrast, fewer than 3 in 10 view Columbus unfavorably and only 37 percent oppose the holiday named for him.

A decade later, as the Order celebrated its patron on the 400th anniversary of his discovery, President Benjamin Harrison proclaimed a national Columbus holiday.

He called for “expressions of gratitude to Divine Providence for the devout faith of the discoverer, and for the Divine care and guidance which has directed our history and so abundantly blessed our people.” Colorado became the first state to establish Columbus Day in 1907, and others soon followed.


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