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On the first day, my boss, Justin (not his real name), came up to me to say hi while I was setting up my voicemail.

I was immediately struck by how much cuter he was in person than via Skype (we'd only done video interviews up until that point since he was based in the company's Chicago office). Though I would have to be blind not to notice how attractive he was, I told myself he was off-limits since he was my boss.

The 31-year-old has revealed she’s single despite being surrounded by potential candidates on Channel 4’s hit show, and is now looking for love after being without a partner for ‘too long’. If there’s a nice message I’ll look at their profile pic stalk their pictures and if they look sane maybe I’ll reply. It’s like I can pick whoever I want, but I still haven’t found the one.’ ‘We haven’t ever had that conversation,’ Cici said.

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Ten out of ten women I just polled on Google Hangouts agree that “rude to server” is the third worst kind of deal breaker on a date, second only to “racist” and “homophobic.” We all have a rude diner in our lives.

So, as Clint Eastwood said in “Dirty Harry”: “You’ve got to ask yourself a question. I asked if she would mind if I bought a covered ashtray for her to use. But quibbling over color and finish is taking things a bit far.

She said she would buy it since it was her bad habit. Tossing cigarette butts onto the ground is gross, but your husband sounds way too thin-skinned. As for location, did you expect her to place it across town when you suggested it?

Here’s hoping she takes your reasonable message to heart. (I order mine medium.) The waiters are very nice about taking them back to the kitchen. The culprit: What passes for a burger these days could handily feed a family of four.

But my husband is nearly finished with his meal by the time my burger returns. Those giant patties require a long time on the grill before getting to “medium.” Explain this recurring problem to your waiters and ask for their vigilance.


  1. Feb 21, 2018. I'm having a conversation with a lovely couple on their first date. As I'm doing this, I look over and see Angie and Luis talking to my manager.

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