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Updating mediawiki

In most cases you cannot update the PHP version yourself and need to contact your host about this.

The upgrade process is an easy process and should be something your host can do for you without impacting your website or charging you a fee.

See also the help page on function This setting allows you to select in which cases you want to have a factbox appear below an article.

Note that the Magic Words __SHOWFACTBOX__ and __NOFACTBOX__ can be used to control Factbox display for individual pages.

Not only is your website’s performance (a lot) lower than it should be, you may find that things do not work as you expect and be open to security vulnerabilities!

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Default: Settings for inline queries and for semantic queries in general.If you contact another host, be sure to ask them which PHP version your website will run on before purchasing.PHP has a list of unsupported version including dates on their website.If your host doesn’t support PHP 5.6 or higher, we recommend you find a host that does.We have a list of Word Press hosting solutions we recommend and all support PHP 5.6 or higher.This guide assumes that you have installed Media Wiki on your VPS and have completed the initial configuration steps with your web browser.If this is not the case, please follow the instructions here to install Media Wiki.By default, these settings allow for uploads in "png", "gif", and "jpeg/jpg" formats.If you would like to allow additional formats, add the Note: Any website that accepts content from users is adopting a certain level of risk!Here’s a letter you can send to your hosting company: Dear host, I’m running a Woo Commerce webshop on one of your servers and Woo Commerce has recommended using at least PHP 5.6.Word Press, the content management system that Woo Commerce uses, has listed PHP 7 as the recommended version on n their requirements page: https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/ Can you please let me know if my hosting supports PHP 5.6 or higher and how I can upgrade? If you have a VPS server, see How to upgrade from PHP 5.


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