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Thierry henry dating now

He met his first wife Claire (also known as Nicole) Merry when they were filming commercials for the Renault Clio in 2001 together.

They started seeing each other privately very soon and have been considered to have been together for two years prior to their marriage in July 2003.

Claire decided to take Thierry to the cleaners and demanded £10 million as a divorce payout.

Thierry for his part was unhappy with the custody arrangement and bemoaned that he had only seen his daughter five times in eight months, which is nowhere near enough for any loving father.

Neither party wanted to drag things out by the time the agreement was reached and simply wanted to move on.

Claire didn’t want to leave London and Thierry left indeed without her, which happened to coincide with their split.

Either way, the two were divorced rather quickly, but that wasn’t the end of the story.

But Claire was indeed granted a quickie divorce in September 2007, because of Thierry’s “unreasonable behaviour” citing those allegations.

On the other hand it has been said that Thierry’s move to Barcelona was to be blamed for the split.


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