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Yes, it lets you capture a broad swath of the landscape in front of you, but it comes at the expense of extreme distortion and significant image softening in the periphery.

While a narrower field of view is possible using the underwater mode (which crops the image in order to avoid vignetting when using the underwater lens protector), there simply aren’t enough pixels to do this in 4K mode without sacrificing image quality.

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It’s possible to go from off to recording in less than a second, a feat further streamlined by turning on Quick Capture mode which automatically begins recording when the power switch is set to “on.”Beyond personal use, we could see the TG-Tracker being perfect for science class field trips thanks to its easy-to-use design and assortment of data-gathering capabilities.

It would seem that having one tool that can measure temperature, pressure, and location – and document the trip at the same time – could definitely come in handy in an education environment.

Combined, the control layout and flip-out screen provide a very user-friendly experience.

Stats, about 6ft, blue eyes , dark brown medium length hair, slim build and smooth all over with no need the shave again!!A plastic protective cover bayonet-mounts into place over the lens (an underwater lens protector with a flat surface is also included in the box).Opening a two-stage locking door on the back of the camera reveals the battery, Micro SD card slot, and USB and HDMI ports.But the lens is considerably wider than that of the Go Pro, which has a maximum angle of view of roughly 150 degrees.While marketing departments typically advertise wider as better, 204 degrees is, in many cases, simply too many degrees.The TG-Tracker is also waterproof down to an impressive 100 feet without the need for an extra case.A standard tripod thread is the sole attachment point, but a Go Pro mount adapter comes with the camera, opening up a whole world of mounting options.The battery is interchangeable and the camera can also be charged over USB.At 3.67 inches long and weighing 6.35 ounces, it’s not the smallest or lightest action cam, which may make it more difficult to mount in certain spaces.With specifications that more-or-less match up with competitors, it is the TG-Tracker’s design that differentiates it.The large, f/2 lens dominates the front face of the camera, with a small LED video light directly above it.


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