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However, this foursome gets caught on the sauna hidden sex cam - now you can start feeling shocked or even more envious, optionally!Every time you play a nasty carnal game with your buddies and girlfriends in a public place, keep in your mind this hidden sauna sex video!I threw the dress at her and told her to dress and meet me upstairs. The car display watch read as we pulled into the mall parking lot. We walk into the mall and head right for Victoria's Secret. I know I should be punished, can't you punish me at home. By the way I'm Tom," Tom says and extends his hands.The store was empty, except for the cashier who was on her phone when we walked in. The material hugged her body all in the right places. I shook his hands and took the shirt from him and gave it to Erika. She tried to turn around and go back into the dressing room when I tell her she should just change in front of us. If it wasn't for her bra and panties it'd be like she was standing in the store, in front of Tom, totally naked.They say classic sauna has no sexual context whatsoever, but who cares today about the classics?These horny men and women hook up in heated steam-filled sauna rooms for a bit of sweaty screwing in the bathing brothels.We walked around the store looking for something nice for Erika to wear. I told her to swirl around so I can see it from all sides, she complied."Damn, she is fine! I look to my left and see a middle aged, tall white man standing at the entrance to the fitting room doorway. She immediately turns bright red, the same shade as her underwear and negligee. After all the red negligee was so thin and transparent that nothing was left to the imagination. Erika slowly slides the thin strap off her shoulder.I picked up a red negligee then we went towards the dressing room in the back. A few minutes later Erika pokes her head through the dressing room door and asked me to come in. She swallowed hard and looked around to see if anyone else was there. Right away Erika tries to cover herself with her hands."oh god," she expresses. I got up, told Erika not to move and walked over to the guy and stood next to him. Her hands shaking and face turning redder and redder by the minute.

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I wanted to tie her up and fuck her, I wanted to slap and spank her. She gives me a puzzled look and I remind her about rule two.

Of course, their debauch has been caught on spy sex sauna cam from the first drunk kiss to the last sperm drop!

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Her eyes widened and immediately removes her towel and throws it on the couch."I'm sorry Master," Erika says standing naked.

I eyed her perfect 34C tits and her smooth shaved pussy. I sit back down on the couch with Erika standing before me."Go downstairs put on some underwear and wait for me," I said dismissing her. I let Erika sweat a little over what her punishment might be.


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