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Speed dating in reading berks

At present, use of motor coaches in a the Ashford–Hastings workings.

Entries from April to December 2004 can be viewed here. All the Railtours which HDL has operated are listed and described on the Railtour archive page.

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for an Engineering Fleet staff Christmas outing with full catering & buffet service laid on by HDL staff; it ran to Eastbourne then back past the depot to Ashford, then to Brighton and back to Hastings.

This is a local job, delivering the cleaning supplies to South Eastern’s carriage-washer, between the depot and Bopeep Junction; there is no access by road to the washer.

There were some previous such trips, details for which were not recorded by this diary.

(sic)The blue articulated lorry had been removed from the road near both Aldi and Morrisons supermarket stores as officers worked to remove the debris and clean down the road, as the area continued to be shut three and a half hours after the collision.

On this occasion our DEMU was enagaged in some timing-runs, empty but with simulated station-stops, to prove that it could keep to revised timings being planned for the winter timetable. This section was originally devised during the days when our train was used intensively on the Ashford & Hastings line, and was intended to provide an easily-accessed historical record of our train’s workings on the main line.


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