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There are no explicit deadlines in place for congressional redistricting.North Carolina received its local census data on March 1, 2011, showing concentration of population and political power in cities, particularly Charlotte and Raleigh.The Republican gains from 2010 to 2016 were in line with a national trend toward Republican state legislatures during the presidency of Barack Obama (D).From 2009 to 2017, Democrats experienced significant losses in state legislative elections, totaling 968 seats all together.

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The North Carolina State Senate is the upper chamber of the North Carolina General Assembly.In June 2017, the Supreme Court of the United States affirmed a federal district court decision finding that 28 state legislative districts had been subject to an illegal racial gerrymander.The maps were created in 2011 by the Republican-controlled state legislature.The district court then ordered state lawmakers to draft remedial maps for use in the 2018 election cycle.The legislature adopted new state House and Senate district maps on August 30, 2017.Alongside the North Carolina House of Representatives, it forms the legislative branch of the North Carolina state government and works alongside the governor of North Carolina to create laws and establish a state budget.Legislative authority and responsibilities of the North Carolina State Senate include passing bills on public policy matters, setting levels for state spending, raising and lowering taxes, and voting to uphold or override gubernatorial vetoes.Between 19, partisan control of the North Carolina State Senate shifted from being heavily Democratic to an equally strong Republican majority.Democrats went from having a 28-seat advantage following the 1992 elections to being at a 20-seat disadvantage after the 2016 elections.The table below shows the partisan history of the North Carolina State Senate following every general election from 1992 to 2016.All data from 2006 or earlier comes from Michael Dubin's Party Affiliations in the State Legislatures (Mc Farland Press, 2007). From 1992 to 2010, Senate Democrats controlled the North Carolina State Senate.


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  4. North Carolina Statutory Rape Laws. Statutes governing North Carolina's age of consent. Statutory rape is prosecuted under North Carolina’s rape and sex crime laws.

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