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Later in the year, Franco mounted a major offensive against Cataluña.In January of 1939, its capital, Barcelona, was captured, and soon after, the rest of the Catalán region fell.I like to workout, have lots of sexual experiences. 50 years old, Rock Springs, Wisconsin, United States She can wade in a drop of dew.........Not much to say, just kind of curious, Love horses, Harleys, dancing, live music,good food,good wine,bubble baths,and good sex. 48 years old, Winter, Wisconsin, United States we're looking for some men and women to have fun with and with have a good time Me and my wife would enjoy meeting people to have a good time with. 48 years old, Appleton, Wisconsin, United States discovering couple A very sexual couple that tries many things.Francoist supporters slaughtered by Madrilenian Republicans in the Siege of Cuartel de la Montaña barracks in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War — c. (National Archives of Spain / Wikipedia Commons)July 18, 2018 | 1936: The Spanish Civil War Begins On July 18, 1936, the Spanish Civil War begins as a revolt by Spanish military officers in Spanish Morocco and spreads to mainland Spain.

On July 18, Spanish garrisons rose up in revolt all across Spain.

In February of 1936, new elections brought the Popular Front, a Marxist-socialist coalition, to power, and Franco, a strict monarchist, was sent to an obscure command in the Canary Islands off Africa.

Fearing that the socialist government would give way to full-scale Marxist revolution, army officers conspired to seize power. The difference in time was to allow the Army of Africa time to secure Morocco before being transported to Spain’s Andalusian coast by the navy.

Within three days, the rebels captured Morocco, much of northern Spain, and several key cities in the south.

The Republicans succeeded in putting down the uprising in other areas, including the capital of Madrid.


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