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Although the idea for the party came from Ari's mother, his dad was quick to get on board.The couple is divorced, but is united in their celebration of Ari's transition.has already provided plenty of groundbreaking television.From Caitlyn Jenner meeting her mother Esther (who adorably stole the show in the first episode of the series), Kylie, Kim Kanye for the first time to discussing her concerns about the way her voice sounds and being uncomfortable putting on a bathing suit, the docu-series is helping viewers fully understand many avenues of her transition process.Get to know nine women that have been introduced on the series and keep up with them on social media to follow their stories just as closely as you’re likely following Cait’s.revealed in episode two that she started her transition 20 years ago, back in ’95, but even today she sometimes faces difficulty getting hormone treatments, highlighting how far the trans community still has to go in getting full equality and respect.Throughout the entirety of episode two, we met a diverse group of intelligent, beautiful and all-around dynamic trans women that educated Caitlyn on the serious issues trans people face while respectfully checking her for her privilege throughout.Not only was it powerful television to see the varied stories and journeys these women have been on and continue to go through, but it also brought up numerous ways the community could be helped through Caitlyn’s spotlight with better emphasis and initiatives on programs to help find entry-level jobs, welfare and education for the trans community.

"I was so ashamed of my own feelings about transgender people because I knew it was wrong, but deep down I felt it was an abomination," he says.Neutral Corner is working toward a world where every person is accepted without judgment, regardless of gender identity or expression.Transwoman Daniela Petruzalek has made it her mission to make the cisgender male dominated tech world truly inclusive. She’s appeared on Amazon’s BONUS: Kate Bornstein (Follow on Instagram Twitter): Though this recognized and trailblazing author does not identify as a transwoman — she identifies as gender non-conforming — she has been a big name in gender identity and gender theory for decades, turning her into an LGBT icon.Nicknamed Aunt Kate, she’s most known for her part autobiography-part theory tome .To mark the occasion, the family is throwing Ari a "Boythday" party hosted this Saturday at the Scripps Ranch home Ari shares with his mother and two siblings, Maia, 17, and Elijah, 11.Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert will serve rainbow cupcakes and hors d'oeuvres."She told me I had it wrong, that she was actually a boy." Now 14 years old, Ari Zelkind has never strayed from that stance and recently asked to be referred to as "he." Throughout Ari's childhood as a girl, he insisted on wearing boys' clothing and having cropped hair. I knew I belonged with the other boys and couldn't figure out why everyone thought I should be with the girls." Two months ago, Ari decided enough was enough."I remember thinking it was weird and confusing that I couldn't pee standing up like my dad," he says now. He began the lifelong hormone therapy of biweekly testosterone injections that will transition his body from female to male.Learn More Neutral Corner, founded in 1985, is the oldest transgender organization in San Diego.We serve trans and gender nonconforming individuals by hosting meetings, fundraising, organizing events, and educating the broader community on trans issues.


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