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Sagittarius woman and pisces man dating accomadating instruction for individual

It’s not uncommon for the Sagittarius woman to be the breadwinner. That’s the fundamental question that the Sagittarius would like to duck.

However, the Pisces man becomes the emotional breadwinner of the relationship.

However like any other bond, this too can be strengthened.

What both partners need to understand that there is hardly anything wrong in their partnership.

You still have to put in the work to build your emotional house. Material things can have emanations and reverberations that you can build emotional things on. The Sagittarius big challenge is to develop emotional depth and prize emotional authenticity. The ones who are living frustrated lives, the ones who are driven by inadequacy later in their golden years are the ones really who never fully matured. Instead, they’re growing together independently but they are inspired by each other’s challenges, coping mechanisms and maturity. The Sagittarius challenges the Pisces to not so be emotionally touchy and sensitive.

This is the saving grace of many Sagittarius women because not all Sagittarius women continue to be completely materialist throughout their lives. This is precisely what the Pisces man brings to the Sagittarius woman’s life. The Sagittarius tends to be stubborn and can step on a lot of emotional toes.

On the other hand, if she really wants the relationship to survive, she will need to infuse the true sense of self realization that comes naturally in others when in a committed relationship.

This may mean cutting back just a little bit on her outlook in life to live like a "free bird", and address the Piscean man's fear of losing a loved one.


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