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But In many group VIPs, there are booths instead of seats, which isolate the customers a bit more from each other, but still, these rooms are often crowded and afford a great view of the guy sitting next to you.

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The elegant rooms are of various sizes—some are obviously designed for bachelor parties or other groups, others for a private experience 1-on-1 with a dancer, with a door you can close.

The Sapphire private group party rooms are about 2 to 3 times the size of the Hustler private group party rooms and, again, the dancer selection is better.

Sapphire’s Skyboxes have large picture windows that overlook the main showroom–a beautiful view.

Floyd’s private suite is available for 00 to 00 a night, again a terrific deal for a club of this caliber.

Call 702-410-9999 to book Floyd’s private suite, or contact the club at the Girl Collection website.


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