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After the initial period of panic, grief and anger toward the bank and the person who had cashed the check, I did some serious digging into the regulations surrounding postdated checks.If you’re going to write a postdated check (or receive one), here are some things you should know!To ensure a robust check forward and previous address links and alias names are automatically searched even if not disclosed by the candidate.The Employee Credit Check returns details of any court and insolvency data such as County Court Judgements, Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcy Orders and their Scottish equivalents which are retained on an individual's credit report for a period of 6 years.In your notice, you’ll want to provide information such as the name of the payee, your account number, the check number and the amount of the check.There are some caveats to this, which depend on the manner in which you provide notice to your bank, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): So what happens if the bank cashes your check despite your reasonable notice?When you postdate a check, you put a future date on it.For instance, if you write a check on June 1 but date the check June 25, you are postdating the check.

A few weeks ago, however, I wrote a check and got a nasty surprise in my bank account.

The search recorded on the candidate's credit report by the credit reference agency is a type only the individual can see and is not seen by any organisation or used in calculating credit scores.

Employee fraud is not exclusive to financial services sector.

Well, the bank may then be liable to you for damages, like overdraft fees, for instance.

According to this e article, you should first ask your bank manager about waiving any fees.


  1. Why is it illegal to postdate checks. Why is it illegal to post date a check. by pre dating it you have reduced that time.

  2. Employee Credit Checks returns details of CCJs, Bankruptcies, IVAs, Electoral Roll and Credit Score. 1 day turnaround. Click for sample report and pricing.

  3. Post dating is often covered in the terms and conditions of your bank. In short however, as soon as you issue a cheque, it is valid to be cashed immediately. Best.

  4. Predate definition, to date before the actual time; antedate He predated the check by three days. See more.

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