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Online dating vs real dating

My guess would be the amount of people owning a dishwasher/washing machine/dry cleaner has exploded – so for society, I’m sure it has actually improved – just not in my day-to-day life. This is not even mentioning restaurants: in 2008 I never went to restaurants without a “free invite” from my parents.

In 2018 I go out at least a couple of times per week.

But the reality is that none of above has touched my life yet – probably because of way-to-optimistic deadlines. I don’t think about Facebook Messenger and how that has really changed how I communicate with pretty much everyone every day; yet when I think back to 2008…

Maybe there are beds out there that is “changing the way we sleep”.

In addition, I believe that people make better food.

The globalization has made people travel much more, so I experience grown-ups making much more varied dishes and of a higher quality.

I’ve read *many* books, blogs and listened to podcasts. I’ve even been through a special 5-day program introducing all these new amazing technologies. It’s awesome to hear about technologies such as machine learning/AI, cryptocurrencies, self-driving cars, drones, graphene, biology and all that get all the “amazing headlines”, but I don’t really feel it touches my life.

It all feels very much like hype; all hype that doesn’t really revolutionize how After reading about this whole “ever accelerating technology” movement in 2013, I thought 2018 would look very different.


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