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At RRRR, we see this as the perfect opportunity for experimentation, so we create behavioral traps in our games by installing non sequiturs - changing some aspect that is always constant in most typical games, and not warning the player.

Viewed over 40,000,000 times, this game asked the question "how hard is it to do nothing? When so many other Flash games needed lightning-quick reflexes and complex problem solving, Don't Shoot the Puppy looked like it needed those things too, but if you did anything you lost.

Although online games seem like a chaotic and fluid genre, the types of gameplay intensely clusters around the latest trends.

One game becomes tremendously popular and a long slew of copycat games follow...

When a gap forms, they will try to fill it with the best piece available, sometimes waiting for that perfect piece to show up. This game has an AI that finds which piece that player most desperately needs, and doesn't give it to him.

More specifically, it finds the deepest hole, and gives you only the pieces that don't fit into it.

The programming is pretty spiffy." We aren't dedicated enough to create an intelligent chatbot. When a player loads the page, they are connected to our server.

Why talk to computers when you can talk to real people instead?

One of the many goals of artificial intelligence is to create a computer that can act human. If you are talking to someone online, it is very easy to tell that they are not really a human. Just try any other chatbot out there and you can experience the robotic responses.

To toy with people, we made a similar game, except that it is impossible to lose.

On the third kick, the random booster placer stops being random and perfectly places each booster based on the projectile's trajectory.


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