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Love triangle dating show

Stella tells New Idea that a former girlfriend was so jealous of the time she spent with her MKR teammate that it caused problems in their relationship.

‘I had a relationship before the show and my girlfriend called saying: “You need to stop having such a good time with Jazzey and spend time with me! ‘Yeah, I’ll probably stay single for quite a bit now – learn a bit about myself.’ Jazzey admits her friendship with Stella got off to a rocky start when they battled it out for the affections of the same man.

While the pair had chemistry, Charlie had his own date to go on with model Jada, and the pair hit it off.

But what he didn't know was that while he was in the restaurant getting to know his date, Kaylee was back in her hotel room getting ready in the hope of bumping into him at the bar.

She went in there and basically stole Lucas away from Brooke, and I loved Brooke, and I was angry. This is another one of the most epic TV love triangles of our time.

Viewers could already see what was about to occur, with one tweeting: "He's gonna go in for a drink and see Kaylee oh my dayssssss".

It's safe to say that Oh man, this particular love triangle made me SO MAD.

There were Meredith and Derek (in the first season), so happy and in love...

Rachel was in love with Finn, but he was dating Quinn and he thought he was her baby daddy, and everything was just confusing. is based around Elena trying to choose between Damon and Stefan, and every fan has a preference.

But then Finn found out Quinn lied to him, so he moved on to Rachel, they fell in love, but Finn wasn't over Quinn yet... It's just awkward because, um, Stefan and Damon are brothers. , I almost had to stop because I was so angry at Peyton for getting in between Brooke and Lucas.


  1. Except it's not actually a love triangle when two of the three are secretly in love with. how am i supposed to jerk off to this. at least show her tits.

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