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I live in Romania and I chose yesterday a pair of shoes from the site and when I tried to pay it with my debit card I received an error message.

In anticipation I thank you for your assistance in relation to this matter. Https:// email: [email protected] i have ordered a four wheeler for my granddaughters sixth birthday and it has been over a month and never received anything and her birthday is July 29th and i cant even track my order because there is no tracking info. I got scam against this credit card FHT*CDZIXIMAOYI they use this card collecting money for there customers on there scam site selling Tools. So upset about money taken off my account on the 9th July .00 for something i didn't asked for to be taken out.They put up a lottery ad 1€ for two flights for the winner.I payed with my card now they know my bank details...How is that money was taken out of my account on my DEBIT CARD PURCHASE HELPDESKTPGLW. Westpac Foreign Transaction Fee AUD .17And ive got no idea who use are. Ive just purchased a set of Makitta power tools kit from you onorder 7546797 for the amount of 3.55 - 18-Volt LXT Lithium-ion Cordless 15-Piece Combo Kit with (4) Batteries 3.0Ah, Charger and (2) Bags However my account was charged 0.03I asked them why the website that the tools are advertised on is called https://I want my money back into my account did anybody received a charge oh their bank statement from this company(PES*WANGESWEI SHENZHEN) and if so for what purchase, and what sort of company is it. and also why in the header of their website it comes up as “I ROBOT, Power Tools Combo Kits? I order 2 jigsaw coat, which cost me nearly 400 pound and it never arrived.The BOWELEC TECH or are a fake site, will ship you a small cheap thing instead of the purchased item, never buy from them.This company posts links to other companies' products and then send low quality merchandise, claiming shipping error.I was charged .95 on the 19/7/2018 for what I do not know I did not authorize this transaction & I am sick to death of you online predators taking money from my credit card I want this money returned ASAP or I will take the matter further Wayne Grant Email : [email protected] my address 15 Rees Place Birmingham Gardens 2287 NSW Australia you have my details so just get this money back in my A/C.Wayne Grant Hello, I was buying a bike at Trek - Official Online Store but i have no more information and as i see "Mas* half trade shanghai" has got the money.I am going to block you from my account but the money you steal from you can just shuvel up your ass cunts.I was conned into making a purchase from online for US.95 but was also charged another US.19 for another product but nothing were delivered.


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