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I decided to purchase one of John Devost's Hex Twist Five Intersecting Tetrahedrons puzzles - it is a geometric artwork, a real dexterity assembly challenge, and a great example of John's woodturning skills - each rod is lathe-turned to have a special twisting shape.

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This page also contains sections devoted to some special topics, which may refer to various puzzles but shouldn't be considered to be the primary listing for those puzzles - for example, sections on Puzzles from the World's Fairs, Ancient Puzzles, the IPP Design Competition, and Compendiums.

I have added this section on logic puzzles so that I can document several puzzles that, while only occasionally presented as mechanical puzzles with physical pieces, have nevertheless provided some entertainment to me and my friends.

Many books over the decades have compiled logic puzzles.

Given six rooms, a body, up to 11 suspects, and a challenge card providing a set of clues, deduce who must be in the room with the body, and therefore be the murderer.

An old game show called "Let's Make A Deal" was hosted by Monty Hall.


  1. John Bolaris born June 27, 1957 is the chief " meteorologist " for WTXF. work= Philadelphia Magazine date= 2007-06-01 accessdate=2007-07-06.

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