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Source on origin What American-born Italians call immigrant Italians, as in "He/she is a real Jabonee right off the boat.

Can't even speak English." Possibly a real Italian word bastardized by English-speaking Italian-Americans. In some areas its used to describe someone unusually skinny, pedophilia, and I've even heard homosexual.

Derived from Sicilian immigrants who paid in Italian currency, Guineas.

Used in the film 'True Romance' as separate from WOPs from Northern Italy, and in The Godfather by a Northern Italian character when referring to Southern Italians and Sicilians.

It’s ultimately derived from the Latin vappa, or “sour wine,” a word the Romans used figuratively for a worthless guy.

segment on illegal immigration when I heard some official say that the anti-Italian slur “wop” was an acronym for “without papers.” It turns out that it was James Kinney, the mayor of Philadelphia.

However, it originally was a slur for “Spanish,” and derives from the name “Diego.” By 1900, its meaning had shifted to refer to Italians.

DINGEA derogatory term for a black person, derived from “dingy” meaning dark, dirty or sordid.

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The bulk of Irish Diaspora came to America in the 1840s. If you come to the country without documents because you’re starving in your country or you’re being held hostage by drug dealers or you’re afraid your children are gonna be shot in the streets or on their farm, I think that that’s self-preservation and self-survival. As much as I love the etymological dictionary, I don’t think the vintage of the “without papers” definition is as recent as 1985.

Used by some Italian-Americans to refer to new Italian immigrants because of how fast they are able to speak the old language.

The term was coined by National Enquirer founder Fortune Pope, Sr.

Keep reading for some of the terms that characters use in Insults BOOBThe word “boob” had been used as a slang term for “stupid person” since the seventeenth century.

In 1912, its other meaning, “breast,” did not exist yet.


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