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In light of demographic developments in the Union and the situation regarding national budgets, occupational retirement provision is a valuable addition to social security pension systems.The cross-border activity of IORPs should be without prejudice to national social and labour law, relevant to the field of occupational pension schemes of the host Member State, applicable to the relationship between the undertaking offering the pension scheme (‘sponsoring undertaking’) and members and beneficiaries.Cross-border activity and the cross-border transfer of pension schemes are distinct and should be governed by different provisions.All of 1Free Hosting tools and web hosting features are free forever and to everyone!With our latest free hosting Cpanel you'll be able to configure and manage your websites without web hosting administration knowledge.A resilient pension system includes a diverse product range, a diversity of institutions as well as effective and efficient supervisory practices.This Directive respects the fundamental rights and observes the principles recognised by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, in particular the right to the protection of personal data, the freedom to conduct a business, the right to property, the right of collective bargaining and action and the right to a high level of consumer protection, in particular by ensuring a higher level of transparency of retirement provisioning, informed personal financial and retirement planning as well as facilitating the cross-border activity of IORPs and the cross-border transfer of pension schemes.In addition, the current minimum level of protection for members and beneficiaries needs to be improved.This is all the more important as longevity and market risks are increasingly borne by members and beneficiaries rather than the IORP or the sponsoring undertaking.Want to start e-shop, commercial website, blog or just nice web portfolio?Free hosting website builder can handle all these and it costs nothing.


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