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Actually you should only get the lenses changed in her glasses since that will be cheaper to do.The 7 year old might be able to make the full 6 months.Many people think that their glasses made their vision worse, but they really do not.If you stop wearing your glasses, which are labor saving devices for your brain, your brain can go back to correcting the images, but it will take some time and it will likely complain as you are also experiencing. Because your first prescription is -3.25 and as I mentioned above you have built in reading glasses, you may experience some problems focusing close with your glasses.After that, you will only get questions if you DON't wear your glasses or change frame styles. torn as to whether or not i will accept myself as a fulltime wearer but it kinda seems inevitable at this point.It is a bit like changing your hair style or getting new clothes. i literally feel like i need them to see things on my computer too. As long as you wear them, you forget that you're wearing them!I can only send you my gratulations, that you have such a good vision now!

Turn your pessimism into optimism, look into a good future of your vision development.Maxim , With a -3,25 prescription, in my eyes, you don't need the glasses for listening to the radio, but for all other activities like watching TV, driving or bike riding, going to the movies, reading bus or traffic signs, or seeing, which person is waving friendly from the other side of the street, you are much, much better off with glasses on.I feel there is no choice, but you should not be unhappy, just look for nice looking glasses resenting a nice appearance.If that become a problem, let me know and I will offer some suggestions on how to build up your Ciliary Muscles so they can focus effortlessly.Lastly, you need to fact the fact that you really do need vision correction in some form.With external correction using either glasses or contact lenses, your brain gets high quality images from your eyes and the image processing is no longer necessary.I usually takes a few days for your brain to stop correcting the images, which you are noticing.I mean did he say they should also wear their glasses full time or just for certain things? I'm sure it's going to seem funny for you seeing all of your kids wearing glasses?Even though your 14 year old has the best eyesight of the 5 he or she should still wear his or her glasses all the time so the others will follow his /her lead. Kids With Glasses , The oldest is 14, then 10, 7,6 and 3.So they will still both be happy with how much better their going to be able to see with their new glasses but as their eyes adjust to their glasses it won't be long before they start noticing that their vision isn't as good as it will be when they first get their glasses.The doctor said 6 months but the 10 year old may need to go back sooner than that to get her glasses changed.


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