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Guys jacking off chat

After about ten minutes, he got out of the shower, got night clothes on, and walked into the living room. S: Oh well, we're here all weekend to go o the gym and the pool and stuff.

We sit in the living room watching TV for awhile when Jamey suddenly says, "Truth or Dare?

He goes to the bed and lays down, still with no clothes on.

He could tell that I was uneasy about the whole situation.

At about 3 in the morning, I feel something moving in the bed.

He had on some athletic shorts, but still no shirt.

I threw away my breakfast and looked at my phone to ease the awkwardness.

I slowly wrap my hand around it and start moving up and down.

He has his hand on my chest, and its slowly moving down, without him realizing it.

We unpack all our stuff for the weekend and get settled.

This was nothing new, we had both seen each other naked before because of the camping stuff.


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