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The question filling her mind now was who would have sent a chastity belt, a female belt at that.

She had a few female clients but none of them have expressed any interest in chastity.

She felt something hard and pulled it out of the box.

She recognized the item immediately; it was a brand new and very shiny chastity belt.

A garter belt held up her black seemed stocking, surprisingly still in good shape from recent activities.

She smiled at herself, never doubting for a second the power her lightly tanned perfect body gave her.

"With my luck it will be a little girl standing there with her Mom selling cookies" she mused to herself.

Sam rotated the belt in her hands, examining the construction.

Her first realization was that it was female and not male. It was not uncommon for her to be shipped items like this; nowadays she hardly ever bought her own equipment.

It would be several more hours until her first appointment. " she wondered, running through the possibilities in her mind.

She moved her pillow once again to escape the sunlight and the faint creek of leather escaped from under the satin sheets as she settled in for a few more hours. Begrudgingly, she removed the sheets and sat up on the edge of the bed.


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