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To make it through, one day at a time, you may find yourself more prone to avoidance than you have ever been in the past. Maintain an awareness that you must ultimately grieve both (all) of the losses.

Professional support may be a good idea if attending to the grief of these losses is feeling impossible.

We can find it difficult to deal with people who are grieving differently.

Being sensitive to the differences between all grievers is important.

When we become overwhelmed by anything our mind kicks into an incredibly powerful defense mechanism, which is avoidance.

There can be an inclination toward avoidance when experiencing just one loss, so it is not surprising that this inclination grows when losses are compiled on one another.

This sensitivity can be especially important when someone faces the unique challenges of cumulative grief.

3) Be aware of the increased possibility of avoidance or denial in instances of cumulative grief.

Turns out those in the English-speaking world are not alone.

What becomes important when losses have become cumulative is an awareness that we may need to make a concerted effort to begin the work of facing the reality of the loss, as this avoidance can’t continue indefinitely.

Unfortunately, there is no magic answer for how to cope with cumulative grief.

This is a tough question because grief is so individual for all of us.

There is no checklist or timeline that works for everyone, as we have said time and time again.


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