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Prologue Mae Mut*s «sai^a8le on the Tlrtues with whieli the erti^loyer is endowed, an eeiphasis whio Ji suggest**, anotlier link betreen love and si Uvsic, Tfcte enaebliag power of love is n fiinds Kental c Jiaract eristic of courtlj lovs, **0 vmt a v/oaderful thinis is love^'* eries Andreas, **which makes a aas aiiin© witlx bo maay Tirtues and.

Ke lady to a Mrp, a M of each of her virtues to © strii MS of the harp, probably seeeued.

ana' r'ny t'lira involve the counting and raeasuring of **..# si©li 3®sti®rs a© ris-ie est plus festroiz/syllahlesj, et plus fors, ai eosi Ka oil qu I &tst clos ®t fei'de murs et d© pali^ o® tst ©.

G dream of past perfection emiobiea life and its forme, fills th«i with beauty and fasliions th6Ki anew as fonas of art.

ii ^r i® fe lo^^ Bll^QTff which unfolds In a dr©airi vision, set in th© ti-adtiti O'iial gm^rc!

seated on a sll M ouaiiio B, liatejiirig to « eieapk re«id of the battle of froy, sarroimt^^c] by a court of a Xle- f^orical figures^ Wealtii, Loir®.» Be^utj, Toutl^ Hoiior, Courtesy^ Loyalty, Heasom, eto, fhm king, tsit U tlislr help, proaouaees a, ju,d^«it in fafor of tli© kuis^i,%$ Qeolaririg tliat It Is h^ 'wim ©uffc Kr^ mostt* !

& Cour anoorouss dite d© Charies VI," Koziania 20 (X391), 42a.

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, IIl^ 236 2 ^-ediaev^l i=£^tiia prose, wiiieh eaploys tilts riiytter JL- cally pett®rn©d ourstty S, ooaia &l-m be iuclud©iillo#csphers of the echaoi of v Mrtrss l^aturo, a B a ertative feifce, plays ts laes^wslngly irax X5rt£.

The archaic genres, hov/©ver, bt% not exclu- sively a product of llachaut's ©arly years, llie rau Bioel duaiisa of Eiodem and archaic styles continues to th© very end of his career, vjhen he was still \^itii^.?

Ilor is ttie mass, althou^'-ji it caimot be dated precisely, an early work.

Aprls oe ooiivieiit 11 aa©su3:'S)r les cleus aerrain^s sillato©s5 dou rmrs €.a tel ©attiir® que* totes Icss lettj'es de i«i derraine sillabs soieiit si2G.bl8bles# ®t au imiss, la voeal sillabe c|U.i va de-Vaat la derrain©."^ 1 De Bruyne, oj^* £it.

pax'fett93£ Of rreedo:.a« I;"' Chrlstiar* tsrifis, it is %Ixb piiradax exr-rcssecl by Paul, -s^rlieii lie sajs ''Far tlioiigli I be free fraa ai X a^iijt yet aav^;, :'; ;.


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