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Found boyfriend on dating website

As awful as it is, I had made a fake grindr account and was speaking to him as a gay man. I could not have done more to the point I nearly lost my min. I have a question many late nights many things during sex many things I wasn't getting from this man and some have another he is going to continue lying to me and I know that.I felt like I was the one being more sexual and he was just responding. I even told him I'd be his friend and not from a ex girlfriend prospective.

Now, we are miles away and I'm trying to understand and to forget what I've seen or just happened. I'm confused and sometimes I just want to finish the relationship. I broke up with him but he always kept coming round wearing me down.

A few months ago I found strange addresses in satnav and when I googled them they were gay saunas.

On instinct I joined some gay hookup sites and found his profile that he set up a few months after we got together and had been active on within 24hours of me finding them.

Register When he returned we talked about the site si he asked me if I boycriend xx to other pas and he understood that I had moved on.

A female reader, anonymouspas 26 June Oh god poor you.. I had to do this a couple times but after awhile he stopped using the dating site.


  1. My boyfriend still logs on to a dating site. Should I say something. She found out that her now-ex-husband not only had a. Why is my boyfriend on dating.

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