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Europeans complete dating sites

Also included with this second (OOA) group were Albinos, who were probably motivated by a quest for relief from the heat and burning Sunshine of southern Africa - and relief from the torment heaped upon them by normal Africans.

Even today, superstitious Blacks of southern Africa; maim and mutilate Albinos in the ignorant belief that their body parts process magical properties, which they use in rituals.

For the fact is that the Geloni were anciently Greeks, who, being driven out of the factories along the coast, fled to the Budini and took up their abode with them.

They still speak a language half Greek, half Scythian.

The Geloni on the contrary, are tillers of the soil, eat bread, have gardens, and both in shape and complexion are quite different from the Budini.

The Greeks notwithstanding call these latter Geloni; but it is a mistake to give them the name. D.) said this about the Germanic tribes (Not the same as Germans): All have fierce The gene OCA2, when in a variant form, the gene causes the hypopigmentation common in human albinism.

This persistence in thinking, is then clearly not intellectual, put rather purely emotional.

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There is even a festival, held every third year in honour of Bacchus, at which the natives fall into the Bacchic fury.This in spite of the countless evidences to the contrary: Egypt IS in Africa, there are countless statues and paintings which clearly show them to be Black people.Even scientific studies of ancient Egyptian Bones and Mummy tissue, like this one: Mummy tissue study: Click , Does not satisfy them.Different SNPs within OCA2 are strongly associated with blue and green eyes.Hair color is the pigmentation of hair follicles due to two types of melanin, eumelanin and pheomelanin.The archaic character of the neighboring Lithuanian language induced him to believe that the Lithuanians were a surviving relic of this oldest Aryan race.Clearly in earlier times, intelligent Albinos themselves, came to realize that they must be derived from Albinos.He identified this race with that whose skeletons are found in the Alemannic "row-graves" of Southern Germany, and he contended that it has existed in Europe since the Neolithic period.His argument was that the Aryan race originated in the great Rokitno swamp, between the Pripet, the Beresina, and the Dnieper." This fabricated concept of themselves, is obviously so satisfying, and so ingrained, that it has become delusional.Even today, there are many Whites who refuse to believe that the ancient Egyptians, and the other original civilizations as well, were Black people!


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