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has made any recent (as in the last 3 months) changes to their stuff that might be causing issues.I can't devote any more time to it right now, but if/when i get back around to it i'll post any updates/feedback I can. I think that MY problem is that for some reason since the later v24 builds (even pre-v24-official) You guys started storing the username in all lower case and This doesn't play well with Zone Edit?which allows Uppercase letters in their user names and is case-sensitive.I would appreciate it if you wouldn't just blow this off.I checked my username, password and hostname SEVERAL times and they are correct.Sat Aug 2 2008: INADYN: Started 'INADYN Advanced version 1.96-ADV' - dynamic DNS updater.Sat Aug 2 2008: INADYN: IP read from cache file is '66.2xxx'. Sat Aug 2 2008: I: INADYN: IP address for alias 'xxxx.com' needs update to '66.2xxx' Sat Aug 2 2008: W: INADYN: Error validating DYNDNS svr answer.

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After further in depth investigation by myself and my colleagues we determined that the router is giving a false update error when it says that no update is required. Then change (for dyndns) the wildcard attribute and press apply which works just fine so it isn't a DNS error.

's webpage but the router fails continuously using the _exact_same_creds_ (copied and pasted.

Oh, and none of the routers under my charge are updating IPs.

My username is NPeelman but it gets stored in the router as npeelman.

Apparently its been an issue for quite some time according to my logs which i just went into a checked.


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  2. I don't think you can set it up where DD-WRT calls CloudFlare directly. The way I have it configured is to have DD-WRT call a PHP script on a remote web server, which then detects the client IP and sends the update request to CloudFlare via their API.

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  4. I've been running 8.0.3 for a while, and I've found the dyndns feature just stops working properly after a while, requiring the service to

  5. Inadyn --dyndns_system [email protected] my.registrated.name,hash -a anothername,hash2 'hash' is extracted from the grab url batch file that is downloaded from freedns. Parameters

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