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Earn money in sex chat

If you are outgoing and can do voice chat you can make up to per hour having virtual sex with paying clients, and if you’re willing to do optional webcam shows you can make even more!

If you don’t want to do webcam there are also voice chat and text-only opportunities.

Decide what your talents are and how you could be making money from them. This can be anything from copywriting services to graphic design.

Click the "Sign Up" button and complete the required information on the application form.

Place ads on the sidebars of the chat room that you've installed.

You can place ads of products you have created that you're selling or affiliate products that you're promoting.

You can do this by privately chatting with individuals about an interesting product that you're promoting while sending them your affiliate link.

Another option would be to post valuable information about the product in the chat room along with your link so that an interested prospect can buy it.


  1. I'm a 19 year old girl who wants to make a little extra money through adult chat room type things, not sure about webcam work though. I'm not sure what websites hire people for this type of thing and ones i've found i'm not sure if they are still active so if anyone knows websites for this type of thing please let me know, and of

  2. Make Money From Phone Sex Talking, Texting and Mobile Apps. Get paid a per-minute rate for performing in private 1-on-1 chat or work for tips in public chat.

  3. Chat with people passionate about Making Money in Free Making Money Chat Rooms.

  4. Thousands Of Women Are Being "Internet Girlfriends" For Money What does the success of MyGirlFund tell us about our relationship with technology and how we interact with the opposite sex in the digital age?

  5. Chat line jobs are an ideal way to earn money at home. Register today and start earning!

  6. How I Make $200k a Year Demanding Money From Men Online. It was a nice chat. Some feel like they earn money and don’t deserve it.

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