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Does updating my ipad delete my pictures

In this article we will look at the most common problems people have when updating their i Phones and i Pads.

You may also encounter some problems following an i OS update. Apple is keen for more users to install incremental i OS updates that provide fixes and small improvements.

If you don't need to free up a lot of space you may be happy to delete a few images from your Camera Roll or some of your music.

You might find it useful to read our guide to saving space on your i Phone here.

If your device gets stuck on this screen it may be because your Wi Fi connection has dropped, so check your internet connection.

If that's not the cuprit then try resetting your device as per the steps above.


  1. Updated iPhone/iPad and lost everything or iPhone update wiped my phone, etc. If you are stuck on any iOS data loss problem mentioned above, here we are trying to offer you solutions to fix it. 1iPhone/iPad lost contacts after iOS update

  2. Many readers report that since they updated to iOS 11 or minor versions of it like 11.1 & 11.2, their photos disappeared. This terrible thing is a problem that sometimes happens following an upgrade to your iPhone or iPad.

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