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have been featured on Watchdog for billing people and leading customers believe that they will not continue to be billed once they have suspended their accounts, they apparently make it very easy to suspend accounts but don’t stop their automatic billing of the subscriptions.

The messaging appears to be very ambiguous, downright confusing and very deceptive.

” What the posters of these comments seem to have in common is that they didn’t use the “try before you buy” method!COM HAVE CHANGED THEIR CANCELLATION PHONE NUMBER TO FURTHER CONFUSE THE PROCESS OF CANCELLING YOUR MATCH. COM call on 020 305 96 492 OR FOR YOU NEED TO USE THIS NUMBER: 020 305 96 493 The above number is only open during office hours now, as opposed to the previous 24/7 telephone number.With the arrival of the new match affinity online dating service, we have decided to take a look at what makes the site different from the original (and try to work out why the site was created.Given that we last covered the topic of there being a match affinity rip off, coming from several comments and email that we had received at the time, we Have decided to take another look at what was said and see if any of the rip off comments still stand or if, given time Match Affinity have managed to cast off the doubters and provide the service that they pro port to provide.So previously with comments like “how come match affinity dont give you 6 months free?Affiny has developed a unique questionnaire with intelligent questions that cover all aspects of your personality.Consisting of around a hundred questions, the Affiny Questionnaire has been designed round the experiences and opinions of a large number of couples who have been living together for at least a year.This usergroup has the time to use the excellent search features of match and look for a potential partner.Match affinity: This site seems to attract those that are looking for a more serious relationship, they are generally 35 with good jobs, however they do not have the luxury of spare time to dedicate to searching through thousands of profiles- preferring to pay for that as part of a service.Costs: is the cheaper of the two sites, with the 1 month membership costing £22.80* as opposed to the matchaffintiy membership cost of £39.00.Service: In terms of service, the site does offer very good search options and literally millions of other online singles to choose from, and also a  find love guarantee that means you can get 6months for free if you dont manage to find love in your first 6 months.


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