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Pictorial image buttons seem to be the most plentiful through the Victorian era and into the early 1900's.Of these types of image buttons, it seems those of animals were made in quantity. To that end I hope this workshop will further that interest.I invite you to ask questions and learn to date buttons as to their era, material and value. They have very finely painted designs with gold outlining.It is often quite useful to have some terms handy when you are researching, sorting or conversing about your buttons with dealers or other collectors. Then used for a multitude of buttons in molded, carved and sheet designs. Author Peggy Ann Osborne has done research for an upcoming book on plastics and after much discussion with chemical researchers and laboratory technicians she has concluded that one can't gage the long term effects introducing such a chemical as that in scrubbing bubbles could have on your buttons.This list is a general compilation of many types of buttons most often referred to. Finely painted porcelain buttons of Japanese origin. Bakelite: A synthetic phenolic, thermoset plastic invented between 19 Black glass. Most all black glass buttons are glass and not 'Jet'. They give off a carbolic acid or mothball smell (camphor) and the shanks are distinctive. This research also brought to light that the deterioration of celluloidbuttons may be because of a chemical in the glue used to attach the shanks.I’’ve been a member of The California State Button Society for about 15 years. Mosaic: Buttons with tiny bits of glass in the center forming a picture. Mostly Metal and produced in quantity from 1880 to 1900. It is most often seen as facets that resemble marcasite.

The oldest buttons I own are from the 18th century, one of which is from the French revolution and has a catgut shank. Under magnification you will find the tiny dots that make up the image. Fasteners for Cuffs, shirtwaists, vests and collars.In fact, it is an important aspect of the Button Societyclassification system and greatly adds to the fun of collecting buttons for competition.Yes, button collectors love to show off their collection and even compete against each other at State and National levels.Metal and some older plastics, particuarly celluloid, do not mix well. Dampen a white cloth ..some paste.polish in an unobtrusive spot on the button.Chemical reactions will disintegrate the plastic buttons and turn the metal buttons green. This may be sued in relation to Silver buttons Horn: material from the hoof and horns of animals. If the color comes off yellow then you have bakelite.Metal buttons, buttons with cardboard in them, also some wood and fabric buttons will not take kindly to the water. Vegetable Ivory: A natural material from the nut of the Tagua or corozo palm. There are drilled sew thrus, drilled self-shanks and metal loop shanks "Bakelite" is one of the most mis-used keywords in online Button sales.Sort the buttons by material and store them in breathable (not airtight) containers. It seems everyone would love their buttons to be of this material, even though it is primarily the realistic bakelite buttons that have the value. An alternative is to make a small amount of paste out of comet or any cleaning powder.Whatever your collecting passion, it's quite likely that you would be able to add to it by including buttons.Practically anything you could think of, has, at one time or another been featured on them.Start sifting through the button boxes of the past and you may find some treasures worth saving or selling. Uniform Buttons: These can include Military and Non Military.Grandma's buttons may be dusty and smelly but washing them is not always an option, if anything polish them with a non abrasive cloth. Black glass imitates it but is much heavier and glossier. There are many types from Transportation to Scouting. Victorian: A term which could loosely apply to buttons made from 1850 to 1900 Bakelite does not have a huge variety of shanks.


  1. BUTTON MAKERS AND THEIR BACKMARKS. manufacturers of metal buttons began to. It is also the case that there are some differences in respect of dating

  2. Common Button Back Marks. and probable dates of manufacture. The Scovill Companies. WATERBURY CO. S Post 1965. THE ROBINSON COMPANIES. OBED AND OTIS ROBINSON

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