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Dating stories trenches

They were a popular memento and sparked a substantial cottage industry.Beaded snakes made by Turkish prisoners of war can be found in museum collections throughout the country but they also made all kinds of objects.Although there are many objects made by soldiers in the trenches, the majority of soldier-made trench art was designed and created far behind the front lines.

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Prisoners of war could either make things on commission for people or produce things from available materials in hope of trading them later. Many objects were made out of the scraps created by war.

This online exhibition showcases a selection of them.

Come explore to find out who made trench and why, where they made it and from what materials.

Interestingly, the prisoners were not just Turkish as the Ottoman Empire included Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Greeks and other Eastern Europeans, any of which could have been the artist.

World War One inspired a prolific amount of trench art.


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