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Dating sites with no email address

For example, lets users change their email settings on their account pages, including limiting how much email they receive or unsubscribing from their emails altogether.

Christian Mingle also lets their users unsubscribe from various types of emails, including newsletters, partner offers, notifications of possible matches, and messages from "secret admirers." If you can't readily find your email settings page on your dating site, consult your site's 'Help' page or contact customer service.

I have attempted to get myself removed from this company's advertising database, but they refuse (or simply do not acknowledge) to remove my email address.

This is an easy yet subtle way to tell your dating site, "Thanks, but no thanks," and force them to reconsider how much email they send out.These are the most common types: All these emails can really add up and smother your inbox.Within a week of signing up, you might feel ready to close your account with them, just to stop the deluge of emails.See if it allows the company to sell your email to others.You might decide not to submit your email address to websites that won't protect it." Speaking of the FTC, they regard unwanted emails the same way they regard uninvited telemarketing calls, as a nuisance and even harassment.Honestly, you might get more stuff in your inbox than you bargained for.Once you've signed up and given them your email address, the emails start.If changing your settings and working directly with your dating site's customer service team fails to bring the flow of email down to a level that you're comfortable with, your next option is to escalate the situation by bringing in a third party.The BBB and the FTC provide places where consumers can file complaints about companies.Fortunately, as a consumer, there are actions you can take to eliminate this stress and risk.You can When you sign up for an online dating service, that service is required by law to provide you with a document that tells you what you're agreeing to as one of their users.


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