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There is now a trend to spare the transit tourists from a need to apply for a transit visa at MSQ Airport.There is no document with guidelines available to public, but if you come from a migration secure country and travel with Belavia via Minsk to the third destination it is highly unlikely that you will need a transit visa. The visa-free stay in Belarus for up to 5 days is granted to the citizens of 80 states: 39 countries of Europe (including all EU members), Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and other countries (the full list can be viewed here).To benefit from visa-free regime travelers should enter and leave the country through Minsk National Airport only.

The press release from the government can be found here: [1].

You can apply for a visa at a Belarusian Consulate or Embassy.

The list can be found on the Foreign Affairs Ministry website.

Quick visa processing is more expensive, but you will get it within half a day.

There are visa fees and processing changes, so make sure that you check with the local embassy or consulate before you plan your trip.


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