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Dating reptialian women medical professionals dating site

The Anunnaki may have reptilian blood too, as they intermixed with their creations.

We don’t specifically know how our DNA was manipulated.

When you are in denial about your part in the relationship, then you are no better than a child flinging sand at another child in a sandbox.

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You would be surprised by the many thousands who sign these contracts in return for power and wealth.

What we DO know is that only 20 of the 64 codons in our DNA are active.

Imagine what you could do if ALL of your codons were activated?

There are both good and bad Reptilians in the universe, unfortunately we barely hear about the good kind since the lower dimensional types are so set in their ways of war and tyranny.

I shall talk briefly about the negative types, and then finish with a great article from Michelle Walling regarding the positive, higher dimensional Reptilians who are of the Light.


  1. We humans reside in what is essentially a reptilian sphere of influence. The symbology of the reptilian overlordship is all around us. Most people tend to think of.

  2. Reptilian dating showReptilian Women Shapeshifting on TV Live - YouTubeReptilia definition, the class comprising the reptiles. See to Market to the Reptilian.

  3. Woman who have sex with reptilian aliens! Reptilians & ET Races. Yeah but lots of women get off on that kinda thing these days. They don't want to be loved.

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