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He said the practice of giving such stimulant from the hospital’s supply was common. However, chemical analysis will be made for traces of any poisonous element. Nathan Cooper of 276 South First Street, and a son, eight days old, of Mrs.

April 25, 1926 Doubts Babies Died of Whisky Pacifier Brooklyn Medical Examiner Finds No Traces of Disease–Analysis for Poison to Be Made. Max Rosenzweig [sic] of 170 Clymer Street, both of Brooklyn. He did find, he said, that hypodermic injections, probably of adrenalin, had been given to both children, just over the heart, possibly to stimulate the heart action when death was imminent.

At the present time he kills all the cattle for his congregation to see if the meat is fit food. John Caven, who conducted the autopsy, said that the condition found in the body was consistent with death from carbolic acid poisoning, the poison having been applied externally.

The jury’s verdict was as follows: “That the child came to his death from the excessive application of carbolic acid, and that Isaac Halpern was culpably ignorant of the use of carbolic acid.” _______________________________________________________ Baby Boy Rosenweig´s Death- April 1926 NY Times Archives April 24, 1926 Deaths of Two Babies Laid to Brandy Given To Quiet Them in a Brooklyn Hospital Suspicion that a mixture containing impure brandy resulted in the deaths of two children in the Brooklyn Maternity Hospital, 298 South Second Street, Brooklyn, caused the Medical Examiner to have the bodies removed to the Kings County Morgue last night, where an autopsywill be performed today by Dr. The children who died were a girl, born three days ago to Mrs.

After the operation bleeding was so profuse that Halpern applied carbolic acid, with the result that the child died in terrible agony. Mc Keown, who was called in a short time before the infant’s death, refused the death certificate and referred the whole matter to Chief Coroner Johnson. 2 BABY GREISMAN’S DEATH The Globe Toronto, December 2, 1903, p. Isaac Halpern applied too much carbolic acid Was ignorant of its use-claims to be a rabbi-had 23 years’ experience as a circumcisor. The body was viewed at Millard’s undertaking rooms, and, after Dr. The day after the operation he was called in again to see the child and attended the infant until death occurred on Sunday night. Mc Keown thought that Isaac Halpern’s attempt to treat the child without a sufficient knowledge of antiseptics caused the death.

THE DEATH of baby Greisman was investigated last night by Chief Coroner A. Mc Keown had been examined, an adjournment was made to the Police Court. Rabbi Jacobs of the Holy Blossom Synagogue pointed out that under the Jewish law circumcision has to be performed the eighth day after birth.

Miss Lillian Reynolds, a nurse, asked the rabbi what the mixture contained and he told her and explained why he had given it.

May 1, 1926 [sic] Finds Paraldehyde Killed Two Infants Deaths in Brooklyn Hospital Not Due to Brandy, Bellevue Toxicologist Says.

Bleeding was profuse, and Halpern applied carbolic acid, which caused acute disease of the kidneys. 1 JEWISH INFANT’S DEATH The Globe Toronto, December 1, 1903, p. Body will be exhumed for an inquest Child of Louis Greisman died after circumcision-Jacob Halpern performed the operation.

AN INQUEST, which it is expected will have far-reaching results, will be opened to-night at police headquarters on the body of the infant son of Louis Greisman. Johnson will apply to the Attorney General for an order permitting an undertaker to exhume the remains.

A few hours afterwards it was discovered that the bandage was displaced and that the child was bleeding profusely. Abrams was recalled, but his efforts to stop the hemorrhage were ineffectual.

The verdict was; “Death from convulsions, superinduced by loss of blood following circumcision; further we find that the operation was rightly performed.” (Online Archives of the New York Times) _______________________________________________________ Baby Boy Greisman died November 29, 1903 following a ritual circumcision by Isaac Halpern.


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