Dating and marriage in venezuela

Some Indian peoples continue to adhere to their traditional way of life both in everyday life and in work.For example, almost all the “Vayuu” work in the trade, “Yanomami” are engaged in hunting and fishing, and “Pemón” are gathering and fishing.Venezuela is Catholic country; so many local traditions are based on the observance of Christian norms of behavior.The Church here is the center of political, cultural and spiritual life, and the priest in the community normally has unquestioned authority.Venezuelans like to eat out (and often with the whole family) and meet friends at restaurants.

Many residents of the coastal areas of Venezuela are building houses on stilts (“palefitos”).Some Indian peoples have preference for building unique types of traditional houses – “Yanomami” in the form of a huge round roof “Yano” and the walls, barely outlined woven mats.One such house can accommodate up to 100 families, and each family has its own place.There rarely much in a hurry, service in restaurants is also unhurried, and the conversations are long and broad.But business problems are solved very quickly and always finished with the thorough conversation, as if business partners see each other the last time; punctuality in business is valued highly enough.Many women in Venezuela are working, and there is no discrimination in this – great number of them reached professional heights, suffice to say that number of women exceed in such important sectors of the national economy, as law, medicine and education (in local universities, the vast majority of professors are woman).They also play an active role in politics (in the number of female congressmen country is ahead of many countries of Latin America).In the isolated inland areas the ancient tribal beliefs are still practiced and value system is markedly different from the usual Europeans dogmas.At the same time, Venezuelans are very tolerant of cultural and racial differences, and mixed marriages are extremely common, leading to the formation of original multicultural nation. Venezuelans spend in the family much more free time than even the inhabitants of the neighboring Spanish-speaking countries, and often even the men abandon their traditional hobbies in favor of the children and the house, considering it is quite normal and are proud of the amount of time, paying home.Some Venezuelan nicknames may seem a little harsh, but it should be noted here that in the local language, there are many nuances that allow to give even humiliating at first glance word quite acceptable color.Venezuelans have a peculiar relationship to time, even claiming that they live “in the Venezuelan time” ( “hora venezolana”).


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