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--- The morning's sun broke down the coastal clouds early- leaving a light southwest breeze at 2- 5 kts- slight wind ripple on the water-- nice- Good flow of water today with the tide movements-- Quiet on the watr today-- yet you know there's fish out there-- - couple of boats up on the HB flats chasing yellows by the rigs and some barracuda schools / sand bass there too Full moon might make the squid harvest on the light side tonight-- Good bass fishing today on tha art reefs-- Not much heard from the tuna grounds- reports of seeing fish but not many biting-- some on bait-- and divers were getting their share.

Reception scratchy again at least for us up here in Newport--- foamers and cast poppers were discerned am-- 33 over 56?

Late yesterday afternoon between the 43 and Clemente it went off it's about 200--- -- is it on board??A scratchy voice comes through the squelch ~~~~~~~~ Wanted ~~~~~~~~~ Captain/Engineer combination for 60 foot Hatteras. ---------- Wed's report ------------ Clear sky this morning-- hazy marine weather on the coast-- wind southwest early in the day- small mix to the seastate and some small wind chop with it-- In house --- havent seen really much except that one batch of fish and there were all those really big ones-- pm We're here off the north end-- ( Coronado) seeing mostly breezers--- mostly yellowfin--- a few bluefin were at 45 over 45--- the 181 looks to be holding-- west side of the 9 mile bank to the border went off earlier today yellowfin and smaller bluefin-- at the turn of the morning's tide we got good cast into that bunch of fish-- colt snipers, poppers, right into the middle of it-- no bites there must have been 25 other boats in the area north oif 302-226- 30 over 21 was the zone this morning we've got dorado under a paddu between the 182 and the 9- 46/16 Hey-- the gray hulled pilot house coming down on us--- we're on a fish-- and streached out--come on give us some room--- , we're pulling on a fish-- please turn off we got good info--- we're headed west north other side of the 181--- this mornings 43 looked good but flat and no wind-- ran inside to the cornor west of the 9 found a mix inside -------------------- Tuesdays report ------- July 10th ----- Muggy-- and warm- light seabreezz from the south again this morning --seas ok- grease and calm morning hours -light west wind chop afternoon hours-- swells far apart-- good visibility for spotting things-- fish We got two spots just popped up ---no bird on it-- tossed the jigs at em' got hooked up- passed if off - I think he lost it-- we're three miles inside from there and just put a nice sized one on board.am Marlin dope-- The meats here-- the big bluefin ---they're still up foaming right behind us-- get down here--- plus 17 and plus 8 We just got a fat on-- slow trolling that mackerel-- We haven't been able to get them to eat the bait- so we're about to put someone in the water and give em the steel!S, and weak low pressure off the central and S California coast.2018 - Beautiful day- typical summer morning-- nice- SD report The Pacific Queen called in with an updated count of 19 Bluefin, with 6 of them ranging from 200 lbs to 280 lbs, and 3 Yellowfin with another day of fishing ahead.A lot of crazies out there today-- Have a Happy 4th- !JD The first of July starts out fine with a lite morning coastal cloud cover away in gaps by mid morning, seas fair and calm and wind is light from the southwest 2-3 kts- reports- from the radio say fair to good yellows at the island backside, east, The remaining sand bass- Water temps from 60 to 74 and the Chlorophyll charts- - Sat's report ----------- Nice and sunny- a few lingering clouds and a light south wind again today - lots of folks out-- meandering around- Big fish for the day-- Yellowtails - Catalina was responsible for their catches, A nice 24lb fish comes in from the Gunslinger this afternoon to the BAC, caught on 12 test line-- - something will find you--- a little funky weather today- clouds and some south wind- An morning dropping tide should spur a sea bass bite or two Another change in the surface currents with a general uphill current- wind related?--- no-- Anothe quiet afternoon on the radio-- not much reported off the inner banks outside Newport dana-- there was one report of a 30lb tail from a kelp on a sardine-- Better luck this coming week- JD --------------- --- lows- almost a 9 ft tidal exchange-- Stand By!I'm in need of something--- text me you numbers--- 34 over 03! Carl There was the question on rigging the Yummy Flyers to be compliant to IGFA rules and local angling club rules .that's too bad The harpoon stick boats working the Ridge- below Catalina-- reports of lots of bait between the two islands-- cat and clemente-- Pacific Carnage- selling live squid -- out front of Avalon-- Where you at-- we're at plus 11 and plus 14---- we're N/W of you 12 miles-- seeing a few of those big ones-- not ready yet--- time of day deal-- Were at 18 and 17 --we're 10 N/W of you-- yea it's a time of day deal-- most of the stuff were seeing is in that 69.1/2 degrees stuff we found the jumbos---- Slack tide just turned-- low at the Corner was loaded with tuna this morning-- 30- 40 boats-- seems they all went south -- Biggest paddy I've seen-- must be twenty birds on it-- yea we just left it twenty minutes ago--- there's yellows under it-- and we metered tuna --40 deep lots of bait- on the outside / birds-- then it all went quiet so we left-- we're north three miles and it's 70 degrees-- below us it was 67-- right on that spot-- Winds up for us now so we'll put up the Yummy-- -- we'll tack back towards the 43 and that cooler water 277 \ radio again seemed to silence mid afternoon- Spent most of the day working on a set of Penn Int 80's and a bigger 130 built in 1984 - simple and still works to perfection -------- Friday- July 6 2018 --- Hot inland -muggy warm on the beach- We're somewhere here between the 226 and the corner-- -- there's tunas popping up all over the place here-- got a yellowfin am We got a buck fifty on the deck--- first thing this morning- they blew up right in front of us - set up on it--- (kite) -- on the 118 11 line-- right now- it's down here now-- it's spotty --- we got lucky right spot right time--- nice flow of that 70 water coming up the coastline-- bring with it those yellowfin a dorado or two- the kelp yellows and who knows what-- marlin?that area by the Corner- spotty- they're here - but reluctant- Locally Blue Whales passing northbound-- 47/25, 36/06 inside --- north 7 from the buoy--- Hot-- Hot-- Hot----wind not as strong as yesterday-- thankfully-- and tomorrow better yet as is Monday-- maybe some thunder storm by then- A check with San Clemente Island Security shows the Cove open Sat, Sun and Monday-- and the party fleet was working the inside of the Ridge 181- 182 fathoms spots radio was quite the second half of the day-- California's burning up!


  1. JD's Big Game Tackle - Fish Report * disclaimer these fish reports are just that, fish stories that change daily.

  2. Rumba From Congo to Cape Town PDF Uploaded by. They also see their willingness to travel without a known destination or gigs booked as a sign of their self.

  3. Alhaji Tsav who said this yesterday during a chat with newsmen. The payment goes straight from the consumer’s bank. ore than half of girls in South Sudan drop.

  4. February 2015 ~ Vol.19 ~ Issue 2 BAHRAIN THIS MONTH. Ltd. and must not be reproduced in any form whatsoever without prior. and a secured online payment

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