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Meanwhile, the possible romantic pairing of Bishop and Torres received mixed opinions from viewers.Some welcome the idea of them becoming the next “Tiva” while others just don’t feel that there’s chemistry between them.They don’t even have a 20 percent compatibility rating.Alarm bells went off when Abby said that Bishop and Gibbs have the strongest rating in NCIS. Even Bishop’s brothers didn’t want that to be the case for the In the end, Bishop did share with Gibbs and her brothers who her new boyfriend was.It seemed quickly put together, with writers perhaps suggesting that it would be fun for the sake of a filler episode and a way to get to know Bishop more.For this to be a bigger deal, it would have been better if the first half of Season 14 had Bishop sneaking around with someone just like Palmer and Michelle Lee did during Seasons 4 and 5. Did you guess right when it came to the identity of Bishop’s boyfriend?This week’s episode of CBS’ “NCIS” won’t be just about the case of the week.Rather, Gibbs’ team is going to solve one very important and interesting mystery: Who is Bishop dating?

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Rumors quickly spread that it was either going to be MI6 Agent Clayton Reeves or new NCIS team member Agent Nick Torres.

It makes sense that people would jump to the conclusion` that the two are together.

The brothers even suggested it, but Torres walked away from the conversation.

Those who did guess Bishop and Qasim would be the couple in Season 14 were right.

Bishop shared that while she was breaking rule 12 (don’t date people you work with), this is a man that she loves.


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