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Before the final Blanc was suspended, Frank Leboeuf stepped in and France went on to win. Sergio Goycochea - Taking a whiz Not pre-game but pre-penalty, the Argentina goalkeeper would have a wee before every penalty he faced.When he dried up before the final against Germany, his weeing and winning streak ended after they conceded a pen and lost the game. Bobby Moore - Last to get dressed The legend that led England to their only World Cup win would ensure he was the last man in the changing room to put his shorts on.Babbington, Antony, an English Catholic gentleman; conspired against Elizabeth on behalf of Mary, Queen of Scots, confessed his guilt, and was executed at Tyburn in 1586. Baber, the founder of the Mogul empire in Hindustan, a descendant of Tamerlane; thrice invaded India, and became at length master of it in 1526; left memoirs; his dynasty lasted for three centuries.Babes in the Wood, Irish banditti who infested the Wicklow Mountains in the 18th century, and were guilty of the greatest atrocities. Bâbis, a modern Persian sect founded in 1843, their doctrines a mixture of pantheistic with Gnostic and Buddhist beliefs; adverse to polygamy, concubinage, and divorce; insisted on the emancipation of women; have suffered from persecution, but are increasing in numbers.Baader, Franz Xavier von, a German philosopher, born at Münich; was patronised by the king of Bavaria, and became professor in Münich, who, revolting alike from the materialism of Hume, which he studied in England, and the transcendentalism of Kant, with its self-sufficiency of the reason, fell back upon the mysticism of Jacob Boehme, and taught in 16 vols.

Baal-worship, being that of the Canaanites, was for a time mixed up with the worship of Jehovah in Israel, and at one time threatened to swamp it, but under the zealous preaching of the prophets it was eventually stamped out. Baalism, the name given to the worship of natural causes, tending to the obscuration and denial of the worship of God as Spirit.From very early times it was the seat of a highly developed civilisation introduced by the Sumero-Accadians, who descended on the plain from the mountains in the NW. was marked by a fierce struggle with the northern empire of Assyria, in which Babylonia eventually succumbed and became an Assyrian province. Judah was captive in the country from 599 to 538 B. In that year Cyrus conquered it for Persia, and its history became merged in that of Persia.Semitic tribes subsequently settled among the Accadians and impressed their characteristics on the language and institutions of the country. Babylonish Captivity, the name given to the deportation of Jews from Judea to Babylon after the capture of Jerusalem by the king of Babylon, and which continued for 70 years, till they were allowed to return to their own land by Cyrus, who had conquered Babylon; those who returned were solely of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi.Backhuy`sen, Ludolph, a Dutch painter, famous for his sea-pieces and skill in depicting sea-waves; was an etcher as well as painter (1631-1708).Bacon, Delia, an American authoress, who first broached, though she did not originate, the theory of the Baconian authorship of Shakespeare's works, a theory in favour of which she has received small support (1811-1859).Bacon, Francis, Lord Verulam, the father of the inductive method of scientific inquiry; born in the Strand, London; son of Sir Nicholas Bacon; educated at Cambridge; called to the bar when 21, after study at Gray's Inn; represented successively Taunton, Liverpool, and Ipswich in Parliament; was a favourite with the queen; attached himself to Essex, but witnessed against him at his trial, which served him little; became at last in succession Attorney-General, Privy Councillor, Lord Keeper, and Lord Chancellor; was convicted of venality as a judge, deposed, fined and imprisoned, but pardoned and released; spent his retirement in his favourite studies; his great works were his “Advancement of Learning,” “Novum Organum,” and “De Augmentis Scientiarum,” but is seen to best advantage by the generality in his “Essays,” which are full of practical wisdom and keen observation of life; indeed, these show such shrewdness of wit as to embolden some (see supra) to maintain that the plays named of Shakespeare were written by him (1561-1626).Bacon, Roger, a Franciscan monk, born at Ilchester, Somerset; a fearless truth-seeker of great scientific attainments; accused of magic, convicted and condemned to imprisonment, from which he was released only to die; suggested several scientific inventions, such as the telescope, the air-pump, the diving-bell, the camera obscura, and gunpowder, and wrote some eighty treatises (1214-1294).Bactrian Sage, a name given to Zoroaster as a native of Bactria. Badajoz` (28), capital of a Spanish province of the name, on the Guadiana, near the frontier of Portugal; a place of great strength; surrendered to Soult in 1811, and taken after a violent and bloody struggle by Wellington in 1812; the scene of fearful outrages after its capture. of Afghanistan, a picturesque hill country, rich in minerals; it is 200 m. Bad`enoch, a forest-covered district of the Highlands of Scotland, 45 m.Bacup (23), a manufacturing town in Lancashire, about 20 m. Badakans, a Dravidian people of small stature, living on the Nilghiri Mountains, in S. long by 19 broad, traversed by the Spey, in the SE. high; much frequented by pilgrims for the sacred waters near it, which are believed to be potent to cleanse from all pollution.If he noticed another player wasn't dressed before he was, he'd remove his shorts and wait. Gary Lineker - Save it for the real thing During warm up Lineker would never shoot towards goal as he didn't want to waste a goal.When he retired he was just one goal behind England’s then all-time top scorer Bobby Charlton. Malvin Kamara - Willy Wonka watching Before every game he insists on watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, claiming it eases his nerves.


  1. Superstar Madonna has reportedly spent $21.6 million on funding a New York Kabbalah Grammar school. The Material Girl has been a devoted follower of the controversial.

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