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Are you updating this app because of a legal issue

As it is no longer supported, there isn't much we can do about it.

Although, I did read a few months ago that Samsung had released an alternative to You Tube but to date no such app has appeared on the available apps on either my TV or Blu Ray player.

It's like two black rectangles one starting from the top of the right side of the screen, and the other from the bottom left side, and meeting in the bottom right corner. Samsung Smart TV Serial #: Z3RS3CCB400790D Model Code: UN55D6420UFXZC Version: HQ02 Any help would be greatly appreciated. You could try updating the firmware by USB, or if you havent already, contact Samsung.

Samsung firmware update - (just scroll down) Hope this helps!

Well anything I want to watch from Youtube, I just "Offliberty" it to a usb drive and play directly thru the TV off the drive... MP4 to download to the stick, but then it's fine... lol For the past few months I have had the message stating that You Tube would no longer be supported as of March 2015.

hopefully they fix the issue and the next "update" puts You Tube back on the player... A few days ago, the apps on my TV and Blu Ray player updated automatically and the You Tube apps were deleted.

It is a small device that plugs directly into your TV usb Chromecast works with apps like Netflix, You Tube and Plex for streaming video but also allows users to open a Chrome tab remotely, on their big screen.

About three weeks ago a message appears when I started the You Tube app on my Samsung TV or Samsung Blue Ray player.

"You Tube application not available after March 2015. It is the most popular application on Samsung smart TV,s.

Samsung even sold a product called Demetrius Evolution for 0 to fix the problem but I was told it wouldn't work with my TV. " I still had some problems making this work as prescribed above - until I found the missing clue - you have to do all the key-presses above really quickly. v=w HO1CRe FOLU The upshot is that this 'different kind' of reset made all the difference - and now the Apps are permanently showing rather than disappearing randomly from time to time.

In my opinion Samsung is shutting it off because they don't want to pay fees and want you will buy a new TV. If You Tube stops working in March then I will file a complaint with The California Department of Consumer Affairs. We are in the UK and I have a FREESAT SAMSUNG bo with 500gb HDD and it is great but suddenly YOutube gone in March..tried Samsung and they SUGGESTED THAT I BUY A NEW SMART TV..ha that might not even work...tried many different avenues and no good. when i bought my samsung smart tv all was well watching youtube not until samsung sent an update of its software then that when my youtube app started ERROR Playback...


  1. You know that a factory reset is a TERRIBLE option for fixing an app issue. because SmartHub is updating.". YouTube and Amazon apps have stopped working.

  2. IOS extension adding new NSUserDefaults issue after updating from app store. my user is still logged in of course for the app, because. Is it legal to use.

  3. Update Your Device Software. We are aware of an issue that disrupts the connection. If you’re unable to download the Square app after updating your.

  4. Youtube app issue on Samsung smart TV. youtube app issue samsung smart. You could try updating the firmware by USB, or if you havent already.

  5. Because it may be damaged or incomplete.” after updating to. You can't open the application "XXXXX" because it may be. you to rename the app without issue.

  6. Apple has been preventing Telegram from updating its iOS apps globally. from its App Store is because Telegram. a legal issue or just.

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