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Are ariana grande and colton haynes dating

On their third date, Linda cancelled Barry's plans to go out in favor of simply making out with him in his living room; both of them ended up shirtless, though Linda kept her bra on.

During their make out session, Barry briefly vibrated due to his increased heartbeat.

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Siobhan continued to put down Winn but she was interrupted by Cat asking everyone in for a conference call.As part of a failed plan to capture "Zoom", Linda also briefly masqueraded as Dr. After Barry Allen and an intoxicated Caitlin Snow performed a duet at a bar, Linda Park complimented Barry's singing.She then gave Barry her number and told him he could do what he wished with her number.Linda Park is a sports journalist for Central City Picture News, and former news reporter for KSFZ Channel 8.She is also the ex-girlfriend/friend of Barry Allen.Siobhan Smythe was hired to be Cat Grant's new assistant alongside Kara Danvers.Kara was annoyed by being unable to pronounce her name correctly.Light attacks her workplace and everyone escapes except for her, Iris, and Eric. Linda is shaken that someone who looks like her wanted to kill her and murdered her boss, but is thankful for Iris' intervention.The villain tells Linda of her plan to kill her and take over her life. She is taken into police custody by Patty Spivot until the Flash captures her villainous counterpart. Light escaped from the The Pipeline by hijacking the security systems, Barry devised a plan to have Linda pose as Dr.Kara asked what she meant and she boldly sent another asking whether they were dating or friends with benefits, which Kara denied, while Winn Schott observed.Siobhan continued sending messages and upset her when she apparently accused her of being "obsessed" with James. When Kara was called away, she reminded Siobhan about Cat's lunch, but Siobhan recited it perfectly and mocked her for not doing her job, winked at Winn and smirked at his uncomfortable reaction.


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