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Anna russian dating scammer F 4free cams on live

Invites different excuses for delays with her trip, such as "her girlfriend stole the money", she herself is sick etc.First reported: Anthony Second reported: Frank Postal address: Mehkolonna str.

She went to the travel agency and she said they told her it's differcult to get an American VISA, but they will help her.Then she said she paid the agency the first part of the payment and make me feel sorry for her and I pay the second part of the payment, which is for the airline ticket and the train ride from Voronezh to Moscow.She said she's the only child, living with her parents in a cozy three bedroom appartment.I know she had dated a few other wealthy men before me and she used to tell me how terrible they were to her.She would tell me how they still try to contact her and are abusive when they reach her by phone or Skype. One day she was telling me in the case of divorce, she wanted half of everything and that included my business or she would not marry me.Most known Russian scams appear to be run by the same few groups of Russian scammers using different names and photos.Photos used in a Russian scam do not necessarily belong to the Russian scammer, and may be simply downloaded from the Internet.Beware of this woman, she is a smart, deceptive and very clever liar Phone: 7 8124 311785, 812 115 36 03 Address 1: 5-17 Shkolnaya, St Petersburg, 197183 Russia, Address 2: Russia, St.Petersburg, 197349 Novokolomyazsky 8/10-284 Email: [email protected] Trus Co., New York, USA Swift Code: BKRT US 33 Account: 04-097-778 Baltiyskiy Bank, St.This page is regularly updated with new Russian scammers as they are reported.The most recent Russian scammer photos are published for a quick overview.


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