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Fertile offspring resulted from pairings of animals from different races.However, captive crosses between tortoises from different races have lower fertility and higher mortality than those between tortoises of the same race, All species of Galápagos tortoises evolved from common ancestors that arrived from mainland South America by overwater dispersal.Several of the surviving species are seriously endangered. abingdonii from Pinta Island, is considered extinct.The last known specimen, named Lonesome George, died in captivity on 24 June 2012; George had been mated with female tortoises of several other species, but none of the eggs from these pairings hatched. nigra) However, recent DNA testing shows that an intermixed, non-native population currently existing on the island of Isabela is of genetic resemblance to the species native to Floreana, suggesting that G. Prior to widespread knowledge of the differences between the populations (sometimes called races) from different islands and volcanoes, captive collections in zoos were indiscriminately mixed.Genetic studies have shown that the Chaco tortoise of Argentina and Paraguay is their closest living relative.

Restricted gene flow between isolated islands then resulted in the independent evolution of the populations into the divergent forms observed in the modern species.Garman proposed the linking of nigra with the extinct Floreana species.Later, Pritchard deemed it convenient to accept this designation, despite its tenuousness, for minimal disruption to the already confused nomenclature of the species.Günther identified at least five distinct populations from the Galápagos, and three from the Indian Ocean islands.He expanded the list in 1877 to six from the Galápagos, four from the Seychelles, and four from the Mascarenes.Conservation efforts, beginning in the 20th century, have resulted in thousands of captive-bred juveniles being released onto their ancestral home islands, and the total number of the species is estimated to have exceeded 19,000 at the start of the 21st century.Despite this rebound, the species as a whole is classified as "vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.The even more senior species synonym of californiana ("californian" – Quoy & Gaimard, 1824a Previously, the Galápagos tortoise was considered to belong to the genus Geochelone, known as 'typical tortoises' or 'terrestrial turtles'.In the 1990s, subgenus Chelonoidis was elevated to generic status based on phylogenetic evidence which grouped the South American members of Geochelone into an independent clade (branch of the tree of life).The extinction of most giant tortoise lineages is thought to have also been caused by predation by humans or human ancestors, as the tortoises themselves have no natural predators.Tortoise populations on at least three islands have become extinct in historical times due to human activities.


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