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- MDTV media - media Media For Christ - mfc Media Labs TV - 4109 Mediterranean Food - Mediterranean Food Meet the Startup - Meetthe Startup Mela TV Global - Telugu One Melli TV Box - Melli TVBox Menorah - Menorah Message of Change - Messageof Change Metal Injection - Metal Injection Metal Music.

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They all include a short description and a link to add each channel.

TV - ABA ABC Australia - ABCAU ABC News - SYUHN ABTV - ABTV ABY - ABY Acacia Fitness & Yoga Channel - Acacia TV ACC Digital Network - ACCDigital Network Accent Radio Network - ARN Accu Radio - Accu Radio ACE - ACE ACE Broadcasting - ACEBROADCASTING ACE Broadcasting - ACEBroadcasting Ace TV - Ace TV Ace Wrestling Network - Ace Pro Wrestling ACN - ACN ACN Inc - ACNInc Acorn TV - Acorn TV Adam Curry's Big App Show - bigappshow Adeys TV - Adeys TV Ad-Free Crime and Punishment - Ad Free Crime Ad-Free Timeless Television - Ad Free Timeless Adult Channels Top 3 - Adventure Awaits - Adventure AET - AET AERO Cinema - AERO AFRI - AFRI AFRO - AFRO Afro Movies TV - Afro Movies TV AFTV - AFTV Ageless Knowledge TV On Demand - AK Ahhveo - Ahhveo Ahl-E-Bait TV Network - Ahlebait Ahlul Bayt TV - abtv1 Air Mozilla - Air Mozilla Air Cast Live - Air Cast Live Aj Jordan The Crescendo - MRPRC Al Fady TV - Al Fady Al Horreya TV - alhorreya Al Jazeera English - Al Mouridiyyah Television - Almouridiyyah Al SHARQIYA TV - SHARQIYA albernameg - albernameg ALE - ALE - Alejandratv alfady Tv Channel - GTAVZ ALHIKMAT TV - Alhikmat TV Aliens and UFOs Channel - Aliensand UFOs Aliento Vision - aliento - Alixatv Alkalema TV - Alkalema TV All 4 - All4 All Fitness TV - All Fitness All Nations TV - ANT Alloy TV - alloy - Allrecipes Almavision - Almavision Al-Mayadeen Channel by Tyros - mayadeentv Alpha Geek Media - AGR Alternative - Alternative Always Summer TV - Always Summer TV Amateurlogic - Alogic Amazing Discoveries TV - Amazing Discoveries Amazon Cloud Player - Amazon Cloud Player Ameba - Ameba America Nepal Television - americanepaltv American Dreaming - American Dreaming American Movie Classics - AMC American Nepal TV - ANTV American Pop - American Pop America's Television Network - fl684302 AMEX NOW - AMEXNOW AMGTV - AMGTV AMP - AMP AMY - AMY An Lar TV - An Lar ANDRE - ANDRE Andrew Wommack Ministries - awmi Angel - Angel Angel TV - Angel TV Angie’s List TV - angieslist Anglican Churches - Anglican Churches Angry Birds Toons - Angry Birds Toons Animalist - Animalist Animation Libation Studios LLC - Animation Libation Anime Vice - animevice Animoto - Animoto Anna Montana - Anna Montana Anna Montana Demo - Anna Montana Demo Anomaly TV - hbeeinc ANTV - African Network TV - African Network TV ANU - ANU Any Clip - anyclip AOL On - aol AOY - AOY AP Top News Screensaver - BRYKR Aquarium Screensaver - Aquarium AR15 Rifle Channel - NUHR3B Arabia V TV 2 - arabiavtv2 Arab Roku - Arab Archive Classic Movies - WSW1P Arirang TV and Radio - Arirang TV Armchair Tourist - 4949 Armchair Tourist, free version - Armchair Tourist ARS3 Ministries - ARS3 Art Of Seduction - Artofseduction Art Stream Videos - Art Stream Videos Artkick - Artkick Arts & Crafts Channel - Arts Crafts Channel Asian Crush Plus - asiancrushplus Assemblies of God - Assembliesof God AT - AT Atheist TV - Atheist TV Atomic TV - Atomic TV ATT - ATT ATVChannel LIVE - ATVL AV - AV AVC Streamer - dqmfc Avia - Avia Avian Post - BETA - Avian Post AVN - AVN AWE - AWE Awesome Sci-Fi - Awesome Sci Fi Awesomeness TV - Awesomeness TV Aw TV - Aw TV Ayurveda Rocks - Ayurv Baby First - Baby First TV Back From the Grave - BFTG Back Street Music - BSR Back Street Radio - Back Street Radio Backlight - Backlight Badass TV - Badass Baeble Music - Baeble Music BAH - BAH Bako TUBE - Bako TUBE Ballistic BBQ - BBBQ Ball Streams - Ball Streams Band Nu Nu - Band Nu Nu Baptist Churches - Baptist Churches Baraem - Bara barak Television - Bara KTelevision Barbados Channel - BIM Barely Legal - Bayless Conley Ministries - Bayless Conley Bayou Sports Network - i BSN Bazillions TV - bztv BBB - BBB BBC World News - BBCN BCC - BCC BCE - BCE BCI - BCI BCM - BCM BCT - BCT Beacon Three 33 Networks - Beacon333 Beauty TV - BTN Beauty TV - Beauty TV BEN - BEN Best FREE Roku Channels - Bethel Tabernacle - bethel Bexlife - Bexlife BEYONDcomedy - BEYONDcomedy BHM - BHM Bibl - Bibl BIBLE - BIBLE Bible Explorations - Live - Bible Explorations Bible Screen - Bible Screen Bible - Bible Talk Big Cat TV - BCR Big Fairy Tales Channel - Big Big Joe Family Shows - 4292 - BIGSTAR Bill O'Reilly - 6ZCCRZ Bioneers - Bioneers Birdie - Birdie BK - BK BKE - BKE BLACK BELT TV - BLACKBELTTV Black Heritage Network - BHN Blackjack!

- Blackjack Blacklisted Radio - Blacklisted Blastro - Blastro Bleess - Bleess Blender Babes - Blender Babes Blind Cat Rescue - Blind Cat Rescue blinkx - blinkx blinkx Beat - blinkx Beat Blinkx UK - Blinkx UK home - bliptvhome Blockwave Preview - Blockwave Blog Oklahoma Podcast - blogoklahoma Blood Moon - Blood Moon Bloody Valley Films TV - Bloody Valley Films Blubrry Podcast Community - Blubrry Blue's China Channel - 1049 Blu TV - Blu TV BNI - BNI BNY - BNY BOA - BOA BOB - BOB Boboc TV - Boboc TV Bollyverse - Bollyverse Bollyverse FREE - bverse Bom TV Channel - Bo MTV Bonko TV - Bonko TV Book Marc - Book Marc Book Stew - Book Stew Boowa 2.0 by h NET! TV - CODETV Caitlin Cooks - Caitlin Cooks Calendar Stream - Calendar California Travel by Trip Smart - California Travel Calvary - Calvary Calvary Chapel - Calvary Chapel Calvary Hanford - Calvary Hanford Calvary TV - calvaryfl Campus Insiders - Campus Insiders Canada Live TV Online - Canada TV Canadian Broadcasting - CBCPOD Canal de Ayuda TV - Canalde Ayuda Canal del Futbol - Canal del Futbol Canal KW - Television Positiva - KW Candy Bear - Candy Bear Cape Television - Cape Television Car Show Television - Car Show TV Carb - Carb Carbon TV - Carbon TV CARIB - CARIB Carib Gospel - CGN CAROL-OKE! TV - Cars TV Cartoon Club - Cartoon Club Cartoon Keepsakes - Cartoon Keepsakes Cartoon Station - Cartoon Station CAST - CAST CAT - CAT Catalyst Church - catalystchurch CBN TV - CBNTV CBS - CBS CCN - CCN CCR - CCR CDE - CDE CDM - CDM CDN - CDN CDNTwo - CDN2 cdsavoia - cdsavoia Celebration Church - Celebration Church Celeb TV - Celeb TV Centenary UMC - Centenary Central Online TV - Central Online TV CET - CET Cfa N - Cfa NTV Chambers Wild - CMB Chaneru - Chaneru Chaneru 1.4b - SHZFF CHANNEL - CHANNEL Channel 2 - channel2 channel amine1 - 2408 Channel Live TV - channellive CHANNEL9 - CHANNEL9 Chaplain Today - NBCWR Chat n Dish - Chatn Dish Check out my band!

If you find new or non-working private channel codes, please To Add Private Channels - Visit Roku's Add Channel Page At: If you are not logged in already, you'll first need to log into your Roku account.

Click OK on the disclaimer, then enter the private Roku channel code in the box that says Channel access code. Roku put it in place to deter a few blatant private channel developers that tried to profit by offering copyrighted content on Roku for a monthly subscription.


  1. Wildfires rage through California amid heat rage. Firefighters toiled in stifling heat Saturday on the lines of destructive wildfires across the U. S. West, making progress against some blazes while struggling to tame others that have forced evacuations of hundreds of homes.

  2. Included in package = Additional fee Economy Cable Full Basic Ultimate Digital and Full Basic

  3. Adult store going in near Green Country school. An adult business is going in just feet away from a Tulsa Catholic school.

  4. A-Z Roku Channels. Click Here for a more user-friendly A-Z list of both Private and Public Roku channels that includes short you find new or non-working private channel codes, please send us the channel name and code.

  5. This video was livestreamed on YouTube but rather quickly pulled off the site for “violating YouTube’s policy on harmful or dangerous content“.

  6. SugarInstant started out as SugarDVD and was known as the Netflix of porn, offering rentals of adult DVDs by mail. But SugarInstant is now a leading streaming service, providing unlimited streaming of adult films on the Roku, Playstation, Google TV, iOS and Android mobile devices, XBox, and PC/Mac computers.

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