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Aci self consolidating concrete

This is one of NRMCA’s Topic Introduction Webinars for Specifiers offered at , but free for NRMCA members that enter this discount code in the online registration form: “nrmcaspecifier” (no quotes).Members and partners are also invited to pass along this discount code to specifiers they work with.They also have direct access to an extensive network of technical experts that can be tapped to answer questions that might arise during Webinars or follow-up discussions. Single copies of both ACI 330 R-08 (Guide for Design and Construction of Concrete Parking Lots) and ACI 330.1-03 (Specification for Un-Reinforced Concrete Parking Lots) will be provided free of charge with each paid Webinar.For more information or for registration assistance, please contact Jessica Walgenbach at 240-485-1152.This program provides an introduction to concrete parking lots and is targeted toward owners, designers, specifiers, and other decision-makers.Attendees will learn the benefits of using concrete for parking lots, including design, low maintenance, and safety.

In 2003, NRMCA created the Concrete Resource Team to directly support users of concrete by helping to implement a variety of innovative, sustainable solutions, including the utilization of concrete to gain LEED certification and assistance in developing pervious concrete stormwater mitigation systems.This two-part Webinar provides an overview on implementing pervious concrete pavements as a solution to reducing stormwater runoff from building sites and other paved areas.Participants will learn about pervious concrete pavement systems, engineering properties and construction techniques.Additionally, the economical and environmental advantages of concrete parking lots and their role in sustainable development will be discussed.The program also includes a comparison of concrete and asphalt and introduces the Concrete Pavement Analyst design and cost comparative program.Part 1 discusses hydrologic and structural design of pervious concrete pavements.Part 2 addresses the specifics that every specifier should consider when drafting pervious concrete specifications, with a focus on American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committee 522 Guide to Specification for Pervious Concrete.by Phil Kresge (EMAIL | BIO) 1-hour duration for each registrant.Roller Compacted Concrete: Another Choice for Pavement This webinar will introduce specifiers to Roller Compacted Concrete.Additionally, they will better understand the benefits of RCC, in terms of both construction and performance.Frequently asked questions regarding reinforcement, maintenance and freeze-thaw durability will also be addressed.


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